Эпоха перемен

A kitten loves on an old woman in the Cossack village of Velikopetrovskaya near Cheliyabinsk.
Vedmedik shop on Tevelev Square, Kharkov, 1980-1981. Photo by Leonid Dzhepko.
Russian family at dinner, May 1987. Photo by Wally McNamee.
The Martynchiki (Igor Stepin and Svetlana Martynchik) - Chavo, Kudi, Tudi (Triptych), 1986
Igor Chatskin - Photograph from Part I of ‘Russian Idyll’, 1982
Leonid Lamm - Dollar, 1990-93
Fish sellers at a market, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, March 1993.
Andrei Tarkovsky dancing, undated.
Protests in Russia, the banner reads ‘November 7th is a Day of National Tragedy’, Leningrad, 1990.
Members of the band Sonic Youth in the Red Square, 1986.